Updated: Jan 18, 2020

Soooo, Venom was not great. It was pieced together, plot-wise, written poorly, and the action and comedy were only so-so. It felt very uninspired, and just more evidence that Sony should give up and return the Spider-Man properties to Marvel.

But anyway, Venom is about Eddie Brock, an investigative journalist who is attempting to reveal the illegal and unethical goings-on at this big, SpaceEx-type facility called LIFE. Turns out they have discovered an alien life-form (which they call Symbiotes), and are trying to combine them with humans to help us survive in space. The problem is that these Symbiotes need to be a good match with their host for it to stick; otherwise the Symbiote will kill the host quite violently. So when Eddie Brock breaks into the lab and finds that his homeless friend is stuck in a cage with the Symbiote in her, he breaks her out, only to have her tackle him and transfer the Symbiote to him. The rest is about Eddie realizing he has this in him, and trying to stop the CEO of LIFE from bringing more Symiotes to Earth, since they would kill and eat us all.

There are many flaws with this movie, but I feel like I should name a few good tid-bits that made Venom somewhat enjoyable. I would say that Tom Hardy actually does a pretty good job trying to make Eddie Brock feel like he’s lost his mind, and he’s actually pretty funny throughout. Venom is funny too, which was jarring at first, because how would an alien know what human humor is or English, honestly, but I guess the thing is in his brain and science and blah, blah, blah.. But he’s funny. And they have some good moments talking to each other.

But honestly, that’s about it. The directing felt off, the editing made it feel cut-up and mismatched, and the tone and pacing were all over the place. It’s just kind of unacceptable to have a superhero/anti-hero movie be this bad when we have the MCU and Deadpool. Like, come on Sony.. Get it together.

I wouldn’t waste your money on this one. And if anything, wait until Netflix or VOD. Even if you really like superheroes, comic, or even Venom. It’s just not good.

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