Finally. A good DC Movie. Shazam has so much heart, so much charm. It’s fun, it’s fresh, and has a unique story to tell in this era of superhero movies. I can’t wait to see where they take Shazam in the future, which I can’t say for any other DC franchise (save for Suicide Squad, I guess, cuz James Gunn).

So anyway, Shazam tells the story of the Billy Batson — a misbehaving orphan who just wants to find his long lost mother. In his search, he finds himself running away from yet another foster home, to Philadelphia, where some weird, mystical things are afoot. More specifically, the Seven Deadly Sins have been released by a vengeful Sivana, who was denied the power of Shazam when he was a child. Meanwhile, the current holder of the power is trying to find a new owner before he dies. If you didn’t already see it coming, he chooses Billy. What ensues is a combination of a hilarious coming of age comedy and a goofy superhero action movie. It’s a great combo that really hasn’t been done before.

The best part of the whole thing, tho, was Zachary Levi’s performance as the adult, superhero version of Billy. He takes on the role of a mischievous 14 year old perfectly, and adds so much to what could have been a flat, cheesy character. Almost all of the comedic moments come from Levi, save for a few great lines from Jack Dylan Grazer as Freddy.

I’d say the villain was probably the weakest part of the plot. I get that he’s mad about not getting picked, and I get that Shazam is meant to keep the world safe from the Seven Deadly Sins, but I was pretty eh about all of it. Thankfully Levi makes fun of him throughout the final fight, so that makes it less boring. I do like how Billy makes an attempt to save Sivana, trying to show him that the Seven Deadly Sins are taking advantage of him.

I highly recommend Shazam. Sorry to be redundant, but I still can’t believe I’m saying it. It was as fun as some of my favorite Marvel movies, honestly. And don’t worry about knowing anything about the DCEU, cuz there’s nothing connected about it.

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