Night School

Updated: Jan 18, 2020

Despite the plot not being anything particularly amazing, Night School was actually a lot of fun. Mostly thanks to Kevin Hart and Tiffany Haddish, who’s improvisation together is outstanding. It’s a super dumb flick, but I laughed my ass off, honestly.

Night School is about Teddy Walker (Hart), a high school dropout and backyard grill salesman who is doing just fine. He’s got a big-wig remodeling girlfriend, and is being given the grill business when the boss retires. I won’t spoil how things go so terribly wrong, but they do, and to get a new job at a financial office with his best friend, he’s going to have to get his GED. This, of course, means he has to go to night school, where Tiffany Haddish is his teacher.

The rest of the cast includes Taran Killam as the school principal and old high school enemy of Hart’s, Rob Riggle from 21 Jump Street who plays a super dumb dad, Anne Winters who plays high school dropout Mila, Ben Schwartz as Hart’s best friend, and Mary Lynn Rajskub, who plays the hilarious mom who just wants time away from her family. There’s also Romany Malco and Al Madrigal, who play a conspiracy theorist and an aspiring pop singer, respectively, and they’re both great. It’s really a good ensemble, and they play off each other well.

What I really like about this movie, though, is that it does have a bit of heart to it. It’s about someone figuring out WHY they did so poorly in high school, and how it only takes one outstanding teacher to change someone’s life. It reminded me of why I wanted to be a teacher, and why I got out, lol. (Teachers get paid pennies and work 24/7 and have to buy their own supplies). *Steps off soap box*

Aaaaaanyway, the only thing I can really hit this movie for is the uber-thin plot and the uninspired directing and editing. There were even times where there were obvious continuity breaks, which is kind of ridiculous.

But that’s definitely not a reason to skip this one. If you need a dumb, funny movie to get you through this awful, terrible time we seem to live in — sorry, sorry, soap box… this is definitely the pick.

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