First Man

Updated: Jan 18, 2020

So um.. First Man was incredible. Like.. My movie of the year, honestly. Damien Chazelle is a genius. Ryan Gosling is amazing. Clare Foy is a hero. Neil Armstrong was an incredible dude. I felt all the things. Y'all might get bored. It's very artsy. Anyway.

Obviously, First Man is about the Apollo 11 mission, but most of the film actually takes place during the lead up to it. Neil Armstrong (Gosling) was a part of the Gemini missions that tested the equipment necessary for the Apollos, and went into space multiple times before heading to Luna. Also did you know that Armstrong lost a daughter? I sure didn't, and boy was that the emotional bedrock of this entire movie. And it was all very tasteful. It wasn't like they were using her death to get the tears flowing (though they did). They were just telling his story, and apparently she was an enormous part of what drove him to the Moon.

Ryan Gosling, tho. He might just be one of the best actors. You can tell so much from that straight face of his. The emotion is all there even though his expression is steadfast. Maybe it's all in his eyes or something, but man, he's just real good at that.

The directing and editing in First Man was phenomenal. Chazelle (director) did such an amazing job of making you feel claustrophobic in those tight, horrifying death traps we called rockets. And the choice to do most of the movie in shaky cam, and then everything in space be steady cam was fantastic. It really made you realize how precise everything in space is and has to be, while everything on Earth is kind of rickety. Tom Cross, the editor, also did an incredible job with the sound. So realistic. <-- Lol, like I've been to space. But apparently they did a ton of research to get it to all sound as true to reality as possible! Which is insane. And then you add the music from the La La Land guy on top of that? Come on, man..

I have no issues with this movie. It's a masterpiece start to finish. It's heart-wrenching, inspiring, and makes me love NASA even more than I already did. I hope you all go see this one. It's special.

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