Imagination lives on.


So how do you find all the required people who are skilled in each individual area, smash them together on one team, and direct them towards making an idea become reality? Well, for the longest time it was by staffing each of the critical crew members one-by-one from various sources. What that means is having to continually rethink strategy and scheduling as people became unavailable, or were simply not up to the required standards. Kind of a pain, right?  Well, we fixed that problem.


If you've ever tried making a short film, directing a commercial ad, or even shooting a simple music video, you've no doubt realized that you can not be everywhere at once doing every job. Quality media creation is inevitably a team effort that requires multiple people with the same understanding and viewpoint of how to best materialize the creative vision.


Azoth Pictures is a media production company based in Cleveland, Ohio, created to sharpen ideas and expand them to the next level of their potential. We take a vision and make it come to life every step of the way. It’s as close to magic as it gets! That's why agencies, networks, and Fortune 500 companies turn to us; because our experienced team can handle projects from start to finish with as little or as much collaboration as is needed.




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Our photographers are industry professionals and have extensive experience in multiple disciplines.

Post Production

Shooting footage is one thing but are you equipped to sit down and edit hours of takes into the final cut?


There isn't anything we haven't shot. Everything from well organized interviews to run and gun filming. We've done it!

Video Crews

Need a crew? Our teams can be as small as a Camera Operator and Audio Engineer. Larger teams may include directors, multiple camera ops, PAs, and photographers.

Audio Engineering

Sound is just as important as the visual that it accompanies. Our audio engineers are dedicated professionals on set and in the edit bay.

Social Media Management

We also offer social media management on a subscription basis. We'll post, engage, and curate your channels with your newly acquired media!


Enjoy a few shots of our crew working their magic!



Taylor Page

Creative Director

With years of experience in the industry, Taylor knows exactly how to organize and execute projects to fulfill the vision.

Jake Keta

Audio Engineer

Today sound is almost more important than the visuals it accompanies. Jake, our audio engineer, records, mixes, and masters the audio for all of our projects.

Victor Greene
Ryan Kodramaz

Lead Camera Operator

Lead Photographer

Ryan has a hand in almost every video contract that comes through our doors. Making sure that every end product lives up to the company standard.

Victor's photo background is firmly grounded in film, so he is always guiding the rest of our digital staff in creating better images.

Danielle Wagner
James Dalton

Marketing Director

Account Manager

Danielle is the major driving force behind the operation and execution of all Azoth Pictures marketing material.

Staying up to date on all our social platforms and attending every film-related mixer possible is PR representative, James Dalton.


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Anthony Roncalli, CEO at Lux

"Azoth created a promotional video for my business. I was completely blown away by this video. The effects and editing were beyond professional. I highly recommend this company."

Michaela Nero

"One of the best of the best!! Wonderful experience working with them! 10/10 would recommend and will be doing business again!"

Victor Fedin, Digital Marketing Director at SmartLand

"Amazing work. These guys are true artists. They gave us their vision of the project, and after it was executed and we finally saw our video - we couldn't  be more amazed!
Thank you, James and John!"

Sienna Hix

"James is not only a talented photographer, but an overall amazing person. His creativity and drive make for incredible results and a friendship that will last a lifetime! I absolutely loved my photos from him and always will."